Bryan has lived with his wife Rachel in the LC Valley for over 25 years. He's had a seasoned career in the fields of business and finance. For three decades he has consulted with numerous businesses and ran a few himself. Now his home is the gathering place for his four adult children and four grandchildren. He enjoys quiet evenings at home and rambunctious weekends with the family.



Luke has worked in the fields of sales and tech never quite settling in to a career that fulfilled him. Always an entrepreneur at heart, he has now found his calling and couldn't be more pleased. He has learned much in building the business with his old man, becoming a kind of jack of all trades in the DropForge team - he only hopes that he will master some along the way.




Stephanie relocated back to her hometown from Bend, OR for the opportunity to be a part of the DropForge team. A love of leather runs in her family - she inherited her late grandfather's leather tools and began the craft herself. When Stephanie's not at the DropForge shop you can find her hiking with her Springer Spaniel, Murphy, kayaking in Hell's Canyon or drinking a good beer.

Over the past 20 years, while Bryan was working with another leather care company, he fielded hundreds of phone calls from leather companies who wanted to private label leather care products. Having to tell them repeatedly that it was not possible inspired Bryan to find a better way. He decided to start a company with his son Luke that is dedicated to the people who make leather goods.

This concept caught on quickly - companies embraced the flexibility of having control over their packaging and marketing their leather care as they see fit. A new trend was set in motion.

The DropForge team continues to passionately develop new ways to empower leather companies, ensuring the unique needs of their brands are met.

the name dropforge

A drop forge was one of the Industrial Revolution's most significant metal forging machines. A large hammer falls on an anvil or between dies to press out forms. Drop forges are still used today to stamp out many of the metal wrenches, tools and parts made in the USA. The next time you pick up a wrench, look for "Dropforged" stamped on its handle. 

The name DropForge symbolizes the process of folding and hammering a piece of steel repeatedly that yields an incredibly strong and resilient ingot that has been reinforced and is many times stronger. We are always seeking new ways to increase efficiency, provide unmatched products and improve the services we offer.